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Starting a Barbeque Franchise in North Carolina: What to Know

December 1, 2023
John Holland

Launching a Rollin Smoke Barbeque franchise in North Carolina offers a ripe opportunity for growth, quality, and community engagement in a booming market.


  • 🚀 Growth Potential: Opt for a franchise with a clear, scalable business model and a long-term growth strategy.
  • 🌟 Quality Focus: Seek brands that prioritize high-quality ingredients and unique recipes to stand out in the competitive market.
  • 🍽️ Southern Hospitality: Choose a franchise that values creating a welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the region's tradition of hospitality.
  • 💡 Owner Support: Ensure the franchise offers comprehensive support, including training, site selection assistance, and ongoing operational guidance.
  • 📈 Market Opportunity: North Carolina's growing population and love for barbeque present a significant opportunity for new franchises.
  • 🌱 Brand Values: Align with a brand that embodies Southern charm and a commitment to quality, crucial for creating loyal customer relationships.
  • 🤝 Partnership Approach: Partner with a franchise that views its relationship with franchise owners as a partnership, offering support and growth opportunities.

A promising economic landscape makes opening a barbeque franchise in North Carolina a considerable investment. The state’s population growth is expected to continue for decades and contribute to an expanding customer base, and barbeque is a regional specialty that’s been increasing in popularity for years.

Before finding a BBQ restaurant for sale and getting started, it’s critical for future owners to look at potential brands and understand what to look for. It can help them launch their barbeque franchise in North Carolina with confidence and security.

1. Connect with a Franchise Built for Growth

A modern business often works best when it moves forward and has a plan for tomorrow. Changes come fast to industries nowadays, and the brands that recognize that fact and have developed long-term strategies to maximize their growth can lead the way.

It’s a blend of flexibility and business basics, and it can turn the owner of a barbeque franchise in North Carolina from someone operating a single unit into an industry powerhouse. The brand’s approach can be invaluable in that process.

Scalable Business for Future Development

Take the time to get to know the barbeque franchise in North Carolina that’s of interest inside and out. Learn how their franchise has developed in the past, and dig into their franchise disclosure document to see their expectations for the next five or more years.

The more a potential owner knows about the franchise, the better. They’ll be partnering with the brand for the long haul, and it makes sense to see how scalable their setup is and what working with them might be like.

2. Look for a Brand that Focuses on Quality

Customers across all kinds of industries are becoming more sophisticated by the day. They expect and demand quality in all aspects of their life, and they are more likely to give their loyalty to a barbeque franchise in North Carolina that reflects their attitude.

That dedication to providing a superior experience should be built into a barbeque brand’s foundation. It must be part of the franchise’s basic approach to their work at all times and in all areas.

Fresh Ingredients and One-of-a-Kind Recipes

For a barbeque franchise in North Carolina, serving a quality product means ensuring that every item on the menu meets a consistently high standard. Make sure they work only with reputable vendors who provide the best quality and freshest ingredients.

That quality-first attitude should pair with a belief in doing something different than other brands. Get information on the menu, look for recipes unlike anything else on the market, and give them a taste test to learn firsthand how well they might connect with the customer base.

3. Find a Barbeque Franchise in North Carolina with Southern Charm

Guests now have more options for dining than ever before. A franchise should work to create brand loyalty and return customers to stand out from the rest and improve the business’s long-term prospects.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to center hospitality as a franchise’s core value. Most people like to feel at ease and at home when they dine out, and they can be more inclined to revisit a location that puts out a welcome mat for them.

A Welcoming Atmosphere and Downhome Environment

The barbeque business can be an ideal industry to make customers feel welcome. Barbeque is a Southern tradition, and many people associate it with the region’s belief that food is love and no one should feel like a stranger when they enjoy it.

Learn how the barbeque brand helps get that attitude across to its guests. Find a franchise with an open, stay-awhile way of operating and an atmosphere that encourages customers to sit and relax with good food and great friends.

4. Become Part of a Franchise that Supports Its Owners

Running a barbeque franchise in North Carolina places owners at the leading edge of the industry. Every day is a new chance to connect with guests and find new ways to innovate and advance the industry.

And they can use all the help they can get to accomplish their goals. The brand can play a part in this by using their knowledge, experience, and expertise to support their owners when and where they need it.

Guidance, Training, and Ongoing Assistance

The franchise can provide essential services to their owners during the startup process and later. Their support means that the owner is never alone and can focus on growing their business with peace of mind that the brand has their back.

Examine the franchise and its support policies — do they offer training for the owner and staff and guide them during site selection and buildout? And does their support continue after the grand opening?

Own a Barbeque Franchise in North Carolina with Rollin Smoke Barbeque!

North Carolina and barbeque go hand-in-hand. It’s why Rollin Smoke Barbeque is expanding into the state with an owner-centered way of operating and food our customers crave and come back to enjoy again and again.

We’ve designed our business for development across the region, and serving quality barbeque in a relaxed and welcoming setting is our passion and one of the secrets to our growth. And we always back up our owners with support that’s there when they need it.

Want to learn more? Contact Rollin Smoke Barbeque today!

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