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Food Franchise Opportunities: The Rollin Smoke Barbeque Story

May 3, 2023
John Holland

Rollin Smoke Barbeque offers enticing smoked food franchise opportunities rooted in deep American barbeque traditions and aims for expansion with a focus on quality cuisine and genuine hospitality.

Highlights in this blog:

  • 🍖 A Smoky, Flavorful Tradition: Emphasizing the deep-rooted American heritage of barbeque, Rollin Smoke celebrates traditional cooking methods and flavors that resonate with customers.
  • 🇺🇸 American Heritage: The franchise draws on centuries-old traditions of smoke-cooking, integrating this with the American spirit of community and celebration.
  • 🌟 Growing Up Barbeque: Founded by Arkansas natives John Holland and Dusty Ardoin, Rollin Smoke is built on a passion for barbeque and a professional culinary background.
  • 🎓 Culinary Expertise: John's formal training at Le Cordon Bleu and practical experience in catering and barbeque block parties laid the foundation for the brand's unique offerings.
  • 🚀 Expansion and Recognition: Starting with a successful stand in Las Vegas, Rollin Smoke has grown into a well-regarded institution, recognized by notable channels like Travel Channel and National Geographic.
  • 🔍 Future Vision: With ambitions for nationwide expansion, Rollin Smoke seeks to extend its reach, inviting prospective owners to join in spreading the brand's celebrated cuisine and hospitality.

We’re on the move at Rollin Smoke Barbeque. We’ve got smoked food franchise opportunities waiting for potential owners, and a modern business model to back them up.

It’s a dedication to the barbeque we create, and to the people we serve, and that’s helped us develop food franchise opportunities in tune with our growing customer base.

A Smoky, Flavorful Tradition

Rollin Smoke Barbeque’s food franchise opportunities keep our brand moving forward. And it all begins with the cuisine we serve, and the heritage we embrace and work to refine and continue evolving.

Barbeque is our way of life at Rollin Smoke. We, and the people we serve, love everything about barbeque, from the lingering smell of sweet wood smoke in the air to the unmistakable flavors of meat slow-cooked over coals.

American Heritage

The American devotion to barbeque is part of our history. It’s been a traditional cooking method for Africa and the Caribbean islands for centuries and has been woven into the fabric of our own country through countless backyard get-togethers.

There’s something special about biting into meat that’s been smoke-cooked to perfection. It’s a juicy, tender, fall-off-the-bone experience our customers come back again and again to enjoy, and the foundation of our food franchise opportunities.

Growing Up Barbeque

Barbeque is deeply embedded in the American spirit. That’s the environment that John Holland and his brother Dusty Ardoin grew up in, and it informed their development of food franchise opportunities.

The two brothers are Arkansas natives and no strangers to the barbeque pit. John in particular always had a love of the smoke and became a pitmaster in his own right before even considering a business.

From Arkansas to Las Vegas

John’s interests didn’t stop at barbeque, though. He has a passion for food in general, and it led him to pursue a career in the kitchen.

John moved to Las Vegas and enrolled in the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu to focus on learning techniques and developing his culinary skills. He supported his education by catering and hosting barbeque block parties, inviting neighbors to help share in a little of his hospitality.

Right Concept, Right Time

Before long, John discovered that the barbeque recipes he’d learned and perfected in his youth were a hot commodity in his new hometown. Customers couldn’t get enough of his smoky, mouth-watering ribs, brisket, chicken, and other authentic creations.

When John graduated from culinary school, he decided to continue his work in the pit. He felt Las Vegas was in need of a quality barbeque brand, and he had the concept for it.

Sandwiches and More!

John’s first move was to set up a barbeque stand in a busy shopping area. After a slow start, business took off, and before long, he had more work than he could handle.

Through the business’ growth, John was planning his next step. He told Dusty about the potential food franchise opportunities in Las Vegas, brought him out from Arkansas to help him out, and together with their father Lee Holland, they opened the first Rollin Smoke Barbeque location.

Building the Dream

With the core team in place, John and Dusty began to put their long-term plan to create some of the best food franchise opportunities around into action. And they started with a menu centered around the barbeque experience.

The menu featured the heavy hitters of the pit, including spare, baby back and beef ribs, hot links, chicken and turkey, and brisket. That southern touch was there as well, with catfish and shrimp po-boys, pulled pork, and other classic crowd-pleasers.

A New Las Vegas Institution

The hard work soon paid off. Word spread throughout the town, and it wasn’t long before some of Vegas’ top names were making the trip to Rollin Smoke to get a taste of down-home hospitality.

And thanks to the restaurant’s location in one of the country’s entertainment hubs, its reputation expanded beyond the city.

On the Move

Today, Rollin Smoke Barbeque is a must-visit for foodies when they stop in Las Vegas. We’ve broadened the brand and are working to keep it one of the top food franchise opportunities in the business.

People are taking notice, too. We’ve been featured in shows on the Travel Channel and National Geographic to name just a few, and have been singled out as one of Las Vegas’ best restaurants as well.

More to Come

There’s more on the horizon for us and our brand. At Rollin Smoke Barbeque, we believe the best is yet to come.

We’ve got our sights set high, with plans for locations across the state and country. We’re excited for what’s to come for us and for the industry and have the franchise model, and vision, to lead it into tomorrow.

Discover Food Franchise Opportunities in the USA with Rollin Smoke Barbeque

Rollin Smoke Barbeque has developed a menu our customers can’t get enough of, and a restaurant concept that brings a taste of Southern hospitality to neighborhoods across the country.

We’re ready for the future, we’re making plans to expand into new territories, and we’re on the lookout for prospective owners to come with us.

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