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How to Buy a Restaurant Franchise

May 16, 2023
John Holland

Buying a restaurant franchise involves researching the industry, selecting the right location and brand, understanding operational details through the Franchise Disclosure Document, and leveraging franchise support for success.

Highlights in this blog:

  • 🍖 Growing Popularity: Barbeque's rising popularity makes now a great time to buy a restaurant franchise.
  • 🔍 Industry Research: Prospective owners should examine the restaurant industry's growth and potential, particularly in barbeque.
  • 🌆 Strategic Locations: Choosing the right location, especially in vibrant urban centers, is critical for a franchise's success.
  • 🏷️ Brand Selection: Identifying a franchise that aligns with personal values and market demand is a key step.
  • 📄 Franchise Disclosure Document: This document is essential for understanding a franchise's operations, fees, and quality control measures.
  • 🤝 Meet the Team: Getting to know the franchise team helps potential owners see if there's a good fit.
  • 🏗️ Building the Franchise: Support from the franchise is vital in choosing a location, real estate, and the build-out process.

Americans everywhere are hungry for good food, and more and more of them are opting for barbeque every year. That can make this the right time to find out how to buy a restaurant franchise, and join an industry on the rise.

Here are some of the steps a person can plan to take when they look into how to buy a restaurant franchise, and some of the key milestones they’ll pass along the way.

Take a Look at the Industries

The first thing a future owners should look into when they consider buying a restaurant franchise is the industry the brand that interests them is a part of. Industry snapshots can be handy tools to take the temperature of a business and discover whether it might be a promising field to enter.

Past and present are both essential here — does the industry have a solid record of growth a person can refer to as evidence of sustained and increasing popularity?

An Industry with a Future

A review of the restaurant business can be clarifying to a prospective owner who wants to get details on how to buy a restaurant franchise, and it can highlight the potential in the barbeque restaurants industry.

It’s an industry that’s been expanding for years, and one which has seen annual growth rates of more than 2% for the past five. That development is projected to continue over the next five years too, and is expected to help the industry make additional inroads in the market.

Learn About the Market

There’s more to discovering how to buy a restaurant franchise than picking an industry with a history of growth. That’s only the start of the onboarding process.

It’s been true in business since the beginning that location is crucial, and it’s still a consideration that can be key for anyone looking at how to buy a franchise. Where an owner sets up shop can be as important as what they sell.

The Big City: Barbeque for the People

The slow-smoked, fall-of-the-bone-tender style of barbeque that’s becoming popular today has its roots in the deep south, and it’s been spreading from the countryside to urban centers for generations. That can make the heart of the city the right spot for a barbeque brand to open for business.

Look for markets in cities that have a round-the-clock, 24/7 energy. Places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other nightlife centers can go together with a high-quality barbeque franchise like wood-fired smoke and sweet, juicy ribs.

Find the Brand that Speaks to You

After finding an industry with potential, and a market with a growing customer base and demand, it’s time to get more specific. Setting out to learn how to buy a restaurant franchise means getting to know the brands themselves, after all.

One of the best ways to do that is to dig into the details the franchise has laid out about their structure, operations, fees, and other vital statistics. That’s what the Franchise Disclosure Document provides.

What Makes the Brand Something Special?

In these documents, future owners who want to know how to start a franchise can get an insider perspective on operating a location, and the ins and outs of daily life working with the brand. It’s also where the brand can set themselves apart as a business to watch.

Examine menu and customer care, and keep a close eye on how the franchise approaches the question of quality control — it can be a more important growth factor today than ever before.

Meet the People Behind the Franchise

Once a potential owner has filtered their options down to the brand that most interests them, they can start to get to know the personalities that work together to develop the franchise and keep it growing.

These are the people who know how to buy a restaurant franchise and build it into a modern, forward-looking brand. They’ve established a team around them with the skills and drive needed to run a franchise, and meeting with them is the next stop on the road to ownership.

H3: Ask the Right Questions

Every future owner can expect to sit down with the brand’s senior leadership and engage with them to see how well everyone might work together. It’s the chance to go beyond the paperwork and to get a sense of how the franchise works, and how the prospective owner might fit in.

Prepare for the interviews ahead of time. Ask relevant and targeted questions about how the franchise operates, and be ready to answer a few as well about your approach to business and overall outlook and attitude.

Build Out Your Own Location!

It’s been a bit of a journey, but we’ve made it to the first stage of brand ownership! This is the part that many people dream about when they begin to think about how to buy a restaurant franchise, and is the moment when those dreams start to move into real life.

Things pick up steam quickly about now — new owners can plan to see a whirlwind of activity once they sign with the brand.

Franchise Support that Matters

Territory and location selection, real estate, build out, and other startup concerns are all part of the onboarding process. But the owner doesn’t need to deal with all of that on their own.

The franchise should be standing alongside them to manage the details of getting a barbeque restaurant up and operating. Their build team has the experience and skill needed to keep things moving along smoothly, and to get the new location ready to start serving customers as soon as possible.

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