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It’s Time to Start a BBQ Business and Mop Up the Competition

December 26, 2022
John Holland

This could be the ideal time to start a bbq business. The industry has been growing for years, and is expected to continue doing so in the future.

Joining a franchise and getting ready to start a bbq business can place a new owner in an exciting and expanding business, geared for modern operations and built for growth. All it takes is the right ingredients and a vision for what’s next.

Here are some of the key features to look for in a franchise when starting a bbq catering business.

Build a Menu of Favorites

One of the key features of many top restaurants, no matter the cuisine, is a menu that caters to the customers’ tastes. It’s a basic fact of commerce and should be a guiding principle for someone looking to join a franchise and start a bbq business.

Customer preference can be essential. It should guide brand development and can aid owners as they work to build a pool of loyal guests.

For people interested in finding out how to start a bbq business, the menu needs to be a top priority. Grilling and barbecuing have long been a favorite pastime in this country, and there’s a growing market of bbq aficionados in search of meals that scratch that itch.

Pulled pork, beef links, brisket, ribs, and chicken should all be tender, smoky, and spiced to perfection. Keep customers happy with sandwiches built for eating on the go, and offer up country-built sides as memorable and tasty as the main dishes.

It can be a recipe for brand development when starting a bbq restaurant, and the key to building a reputation for quality and excellence across the franchise.

Create a Welcoming, Downhome Atmosphere

What do customers look for when they visit their favorite bbq restaurant? Great food needs to be paired with an atmosphere that enhances the visit and delivers extra flavor and attitude along with the meal.

Looking to start a bbq business? Build surroundings that support the product, and create the kind of country, and homestyle feel many customers associate with these Southern-inspired dishes.

Start with a smile. Make guests feel welcome, and that they’ve come home when they sit down to enjoy a meal.

It’s all part of a Southern approach to hospitality and helps put customers at ease as they get ready to enjoy their favorite food, surrounded by welcoming staff and décor that fosters an open, inviting spirit.

When a potential franchise owner wants to start a bbq business, they’re tapping into the downhome energy that runs through the national character. An inviting, rustic environment can bring that essence of the barbeque experience to each guest, every day.

When customers come to enjoy barbeque and a welcoming, country-style atmosphere, they’re looking for a specific feeling. And once they’re feeling good, many of them want to keep the energy going with quality entertainment.

Focus on Entertainment

Fortunately, barbeque and good times can fit together like a glove.

Part of the essence of the Southern style of hospitality is comfort, and that includes the available entertainment. Make sure every customer has the best seat in the house when the big game is on by putting big-screen TVs on every wall.

And make the entertainment specific to each location to add local flavor when planning to start a bbq business. For example, Rollin Smoke BBQ tailors the fun to the surroundings, such as slot machines at the Las Vegas Boulevard location designed to match the feeling of the city.

Keeping the customer engaged and enjoying their night should be the goal at all times. Having the right tools for fun can help owners as they work to make that happen.

Back Up the Talk with Robust Support

When a person wants to start a bbq business, they often imagine the opening day excitement without considering the bigger picture, and the long term. Running a franchise is a marathon, not a sprint, and it can take solid backing from a team of experts to keep things operating smoothly, no matter the field.

That support should come into play the moment a potential owner connects with the brand.

Look for a franchise that assists their new owners throughout the onboarding process, with aid in finding the right territory and location, along with buildout support, staff and owner training, and equipment setup. The brand should be with the owner every step of the way.

Robust franchise backing needs to continue after the doors are open for business, too. Make sure the brand has ongoing support policies that keep the owners in mind at all times, and that it works to have their backs, whatever the issue.

Meaningful support can be the engine that drives a barbeque franchise, and keeps it moving and growing.

Start a BBQ Business with Rollin Smoke Barbeque

Establishing a barbeque franchise can be a smart business option. With a menu of crave-able meals, a welcoming atmosphere, dedication to entertainment, and solid support behind them, a new owner could be positioned for future expansion.

That’s the way we work at Rollin Smoke Barbeque.

We’ve developed our menu from our love of grilling, and from our desire to share the joy we feel whenever we bite into one of our tender, smoky barbeque creations. Our restaurants are custom-built for each environment, and are designed to keep our guests comfortable, entertained, and ready for more.

Above all, we believe in giving our owners the kind of support they need to turn their attention to developing the franchise, with a team of dedicated pros standing by to help out when they’re needed.

Rollin Smoke Barbeque is ready to grow again, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us.

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